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You are a founder ready to pioneer your ideas into action. We provide the tools to give you the cutting edge. You need a team to transform your ideas into measurable success? We are dedicated to helping you find the right resources including cofounders, a team, skills, business partners and investors to make your dreams reality.
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IdeasVoice aspires to empower entrepreneurial initiatives, boosting business development.
IdeasVoice connects you to the right people to make your project a reality. Skip the hassle of searching for resources on your own with our social network dedicated to matching the right entrepreneurs, cofounders, team members, and investors.
Pitch and showcase your project
Pitch and showcase your project
Show others why your project is the next sure thing and why you are the right founder to lead your startup to success. Practice delivering an exciting and memorable presentation. Showcasing your project allows you to attract people who have experience in your industry and market.
A clear description of your needs detailing the required skills, role and responsibilities offered, enables you to target your audience and connect with people who have aligning visions.
Strategic Thinking
Strategic Thinking
IdeasVoice develops tools to enjoy benefits from collaborative principles. At the community level, we invite all members to interact with projects. Discover the reactions of your fans through their votes and comments and get valuable outcomes such as:
Find the right people
Find the right people
Build your network with unlimited and qualified contacts.
Using the showcase and search engine, discover people with beneficial skills and relevant experience for your project. Learn about the background and wishes of each potential contact. Select qualified contacts among the potential cofounders, business partners and investors.
Use private messaging with IdeasVoice on the website or the App until you have ensured that the other party is on the same page.

We’re here to help you develop positive and lasting partnership

With our premium services. Get more exposure and save time
Build your qualified network
Know your audience better (your fans, visitors and voters) and learn how other members perceive the professionalism of your contacts and their reliability to build up your qualified entrepreneurs network
Advanced search
Advanced search
Fill your needs even faster. Find cofounders, business partners and potential alliances more easily with the advanced search
See all possible matches
Receive targeted recommendations and be able to see all possible matches, rather than just the first few with our IA algorithms
More invitations
Appear at the top of the searches and recommandations and gain Momentum faster

4 Steps to register for finding the perfect co-founder or business partner for your startup

Sign up and confirm the registration email
Fill in the profile page
By introducing yourself and your experience, demonstrate your legitimacy where the project you are carrying is concerned
Post your project (don’t forget to add a video if you have one!)
Be sure your summary will help others to quickly understand your project and incite them to contact you.
After completing these steps, the project is in the showcase and you can start your search and meet cofounders, business partners and investors!
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