Help for cofounder, business partner

Who are cofounders who register on IdeasVoice?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who have no business idea or project in progress
  • Looking for an ambitious business project to invest in
  • Motivated to bring their complementary know-how to the founding team of a startup
  • Talented individuals ready to invest time and energy, to take risks with the other co-founders to lead the company to success
  • Undertaking challenges, enjoying actions and implementing solutions
  • Including but not limited to Investors 

How to find your project with IdeasVoice


How IdeasVoice works for co-founder


Highlight and showcase your profile and know-how

Register as a co-founder

Introduce your experience and highlight your know-how to organize your search approach

Define your wishes to explain the kind of entrepreneurial projects you are looking for

Showcase your profile to increase your visibility and contact project founders


Discuss with founders to show your interest in their projects

How cofounder engages discussions with entrepreneurs around projects

Post comments and participate to discussions to learn more about a project and engage yourself

Vote for projects you are interested in to support them and show in interest

Add projects to your favorites to follow their progress

Share projects you like with your network to promote them and see others' reactions


Connect to founders and grow your entrepreneurs network

How build your network, succeed in your search

Do your own search to find projects looking for your expertise

Contact founders, follow status of your connection requests and answer to invitations to multiply collaboration opportunities

Use your private mailbox to set up trusted relationships with your contacts

Follow-up your network activity, interact regularly and be responsive with your contacts to build a strong entrepreneurial network

Premium services help you to find the right match faster!

Get more exposure and save time with our Premium services

We’re here to help you develop positive and lasting partnership

From 32 euros

> Find the right project for you faster and easier

Meet new people who have a common interest to collaborate

Increase your chance to establish relevant contacts

+ Build your qualified network

Know your audience better (your fans and visitors) and learn how other members perceive the professionalism of your contacts and their reliability to build up your qualified entrepreneurs network

+ Advanced search  

Fill your needs even faster. Find the right project more easily with the advanced search

+ See all possible matches 

Receive targeted recommendations and be able to see all possible matches, rather than just the first few with our IA algorithms


> Gain momentum faster

Promote your profile more

Make a bigger impact on the platform and receive more attention.

+ More invitations

Appear at the top of the searches and recommandations and have an article on our blog. 

To sign up for Premium membership, simply follow the prompts for Premium when you’re logged in to your account.


Potential cofounder, take a quick tour of IdeasVoice

Potential business partner, co-founder, see how to use more in detail, look at our tutorial.