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Entrepreneurship is a key driver of economic growth. At a national level, South Africa it is estimated to have approximately 2 million small businesses, representing 98% of the total number of firms in the country. However, a problem for the country and its entrepreneurs is that 87% of these small enterprises fail. (2006 study done on Entrepreneurship)

South Africa is an entrepreneurial leader in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country has made significant progress to overcome structural factors and produce some of the most innovative and successful enterprises on the continent. The country provides the institutional support necessary for high- growth businesses to emerge and thrive while government policies work to close historical gaps. With the addition of targeted , coordinated policies to address remaining bottlenecks, the country is poised to achieve greater growth through entrepreneurship.

The chapter in South Africa is currently spearheaded by 5 influential entrepreneurs. We are all about entrepreneurs and their success in influencing the South African economy.

Our activities are related to entrepreneurship and the upliftment of SMEs. We collaborate with organisations and companies across the board in different aspects for this purpose.

We have had outstanding media coverage informing the public the difference we are making to unemployment and the South African economy.


IdeasVoice team in South Africa

Yaseen Amod
Yaseen Amod
Chapter Director

Yaseen Amod has been involved in business and entrepreneurship from the young age of 10.
Yaseen had left school for a period of four years to study the Quraan, while furthering his school subjects through correspondence. These experiences have taught him great discipline and has opened his mind to broader aspects of life.

At the age of 18, he had to take control of the entire family business - a restaurant, petrol station, and the family properties - for two years whilst simultaneously studying at the University.

Certified in project management, Life coaching, he assists clients weekly to attain their business and life goals by means of developing them and holding them accountable with providing them with tools to assist. At the same time, Yaseen runs 2 restaurants and is working on new restaurant openings.

Being involved in an international organisation as Chapter Director of South Africa like IdeasVoice is a great honor for Yaseen. It has allowed him to utilise his skills attained through his studies and training, to socialise with people and assist them with his abilities and experience. Showing entrepreneurs structure in their businesses as well as developing them to manage their businesses is incredibly satisfying, says Yaseen.

Making a difference to humanity is one of his many great values. Yaseen Amod, together with his team, have the intention to change the face of entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Brett Michielin
Brett Michielin

Brett Michielin started down his career path working in his fathers restaurant direct from high school. He headed to Switzerland shortly after to study and whilst there he lectured at the hotel school in Practical Service and Practical Kitchen.

After completing his education in Switzerland he moved across Europe to the United Kingdom. He worked as an Assistant Food And Beverage Manager. 3 years later Brett returned to his home country of South Africa and was offered the job of Research And Development Manager for Ocean Basket after which he was promoted to the National Training Manager position.

From 2008, Brett has grown the brand MoZamBik into 5 company owned stores and 8 franchised stores they also boasts 2 Distribution centres and a number of delivery vehicles transporting their famous sauces and marinades across 3 provinces to make sure consistency is the number one priority.

Brett believes that the key to the success of South Africa is growth in small to medium enterprises.

David Venter
David Venter

David Venter started his working career in the South African Air Force and after that worked in many companies gaining his experience and knowledge spanning a number of fields including; textiles, IT, construction, engineering and sales.

Through good old fashioned hard work, passion and determination, with deep-rooted entrepreneurial skills and instincts at the core. This experience and knowledge stem from a hands-on approach to all his work. This can be accredited to his philosophy; the motivation of people is essential in and for all businesses to thrive. Your employees need to be happy in order for your customers to be happy. This too drives his passion for leading and helping people realise their own success and potential, within themselves as well as within their businesses.

He feels that embracing multiculturalism is the key to the future of entrepreneurism in South Africa.

Bheki Khathi
Bheki Khathi

Bhekisisa Khathi (Bheki) holds a Law degree and a MBA degree from St Luis university, USA. He has held deferent directorship positions in various capacities in the past decade.

He has worked for US Based company, The Toney Watkins Co in capacity as Legal Counsel. He has been involved in multiple international business ventures in the Province of KwaZulu-Natal in the past, from which he gained valuable experience in business opportunities. Thus, he developed business acumen which gives him strength to handle challenges in the world of massive developments at international standing. As a founder of Nisavax company and entrepreneur in his own right, Bheki has contributed immensely in various capacities to empowering upcoming business minded people. He established and worked for multimillion-rand companies in South Africa aimed at community upliftment and which has changed many communities in business, include, Ithuba Agriculture and Sibuyile Investments in Greytown.

Bheki currently also works for Imatu, Union in Municipal sector. Bheki likes mentoring upcoming entrepreneurs in SA by adding value through his experience in business.

Jason de Leur
Jason de Leur

Jason de Leur started working as a teenager, waiting on tables in various franchise restaurants and learning valuable people skills that would stand him in good stead in later years.

As he always had a passion for the environment and the outdoors, Jason started in the landscaping industry and completed his National Diploma of Horticulture at the then Natal Technicon. He worked in different governmental parks departments as a Horticulturist. It was after this that his entrepreneurial spirit kicked in and he ventured out into organic farming systems, which was at that stage very experimental. Jason headed up the research and development as well as training emerging farmers.
Jason was then offered to manage an existing landscaping company that was well known for indigenous landscaping. After 3 years of growing the company and featured in many gardening shows and magazines, he decided to open his own landscaping company Jason de Leur landscapes. The company ran for 5 years and over that time Jason added a paving division as well as a fencing division. It was during this time that Jason started to look at other entrepreneurial ventures.

Jason worked as a financial advisor for 5 years with companies Momentum and Liberty Wealth. He built professional relationships with business owners and SME’s.

As Jason had acquired invaluable experience in property, business relationships and the environment over the years he has now transitioned into working as a broker in commercial property.

His desire is to see people reach their full potential and become successful entrepreneurs.

Partnerships and Collaboration

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