Alfonso De bartolo
Madrid, Spain
Sales and Development, Financial Market, Human Resource
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Years of experience: 0-5 years
Abilities: At ease with ideas, Active and dynamic, Oriented objectives , Attached to principles, Intuitive, Empathy, Curiosity, Flexibility, Search Information , Like to decide and conclude
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I was a good swimmer, i did it at agonistic level, practicing sport has teached me a lot of important principles of the life, mostly the respect for the rules and the people, to treat all the other as you would treat yourself. I have applied them during my growth, it has helped me during my course of studies, having rules is necessary, at least for yourself. Acting good with people is a mantra that I can not refuse to, we are too many to remain alone.I have friends that sometimes involve me in volunteering activities. I graduated in Business Administration and recently i have accomplished a Master in Human Resources Mng, I had my first work experience for 6 months, but unfortunately it didn't work, I don't give up at all and I am still looking for a job. Here I am, looking for partner/s, teammate/s, who wants to dream and make big,

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  • Date attended: from: 2011 to: 2015
    School: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore , Milano (Italia)
    Description: Strategic Management, Account and Financial Management, Law, Microeconomics, Macroeconomy Scenarios,
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Field of study: Business Administration & International Marketing
  • Date attended: from: 2016 to: 2018
    School: EAE Business School - Madrid (Spain)
    Description: Study and application of different areas of the HR Managemen: Performance's management, KPI's analysis, Business Strategy, Employment Relations, Leadership, Occupational Psychology, People Managing. It has been necessary to develop high skills in Excel.
    Degree: Master's Degree
    Field of study: Human Resources Management


  • Name company: Giving International, SL
    Title: Hr assistant
    Location: Madrid, Spain
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 08.2017 to: 01.2018
    Description: Company with a piramidal scheme, I mostly attended the interviews of the candidates, supporting the office with fulfilling profiles requirements and posting the job offers from the Company.
  • Name company: InPlay
    Title: Stadium Reporter
    Location: Piacenza, Province of Piacenza, Italy
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 05.2018 to: 05.2018
    Description: Live report of football/volleyball matches.
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