Robert Marker
San Jose, CA, USA
Sales and Development, Project Management, Marketing, Product and Service Design
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Years of experience: Above 20 years
Abilities: Active and dynamic, Organised, Imaginative, Oriented objectives , Attached to principles, Persuasive, Spontaneity, Like to define deadlines
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I am an inventor seeking a real estate experienced biz partner for my patent-protected modular framing system that provides fast, sustainable const of single-family homes and high-rise condos at a much lower cost. It is a system that has the very real ability to disrupt the $1.5 trillion worldwide new housing market. There’s nothing like it in the entire world. As complementary products, I have also developed an Outdoor Living line that consists of a Solar Pergola, a Backyard Home & Stone Outdoor Living Kits. These products will provide early sales and cash flow for the company while the modular housing lines get off the ground. All are now ready to take to market. With a scope as large as this, I feel its best to partner with a biz pro. I’m not worried about giving up half the company, I’m more interested in making a difference in the world. These products can do that by dramatically lowering the cost of home ownership for society. I am proficient in product development, design, construction, and marketing. Where I lack is in operations, admin, and mgmnt. These should be the strong points of my chosen business partner.


  • Date attended: from: 1985 to: 1988
    School: Devry
    Degree: Associate's Degree
    Field of study: Residential Architecture


  • Name company: Real Estate Investor
    Title: Inventor
    Location: San Jose, CA, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 02.1990 I currently work here
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