Fortune Husunugboh
Kumasi, Ghana
Sales and Development, Communication, Project Management, Marketing, Operation & Manufacturing, Research and Development, Training, Cultural Activities
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His\Her Talents

Years of experience: 0-5 years
Abilities: At ease with people, Active and dynamic, Organised, Like changes, Open minded, Search Information , Like to plan
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I am professional by engineering and my wish is establish contact with professional personel to expand project for future .



  • Date attended: from: 1993 to: 1996
    School: Technical college
    Degree: Other
    Field of study: welding and Fabrication intermediate certificate


  • Name company: company
    Title: Oxygen Nitrogen and Acetylene Plant Operator
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 05.2008 I currently work here
    Description: I act as operator and the same time do maintenance on both plant
  • Name company: Air mate company Ltd
    Title: Oxygen and Nitrogen Plant operator/ welder Fabricator
    Location: Kumasi, Ghana
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 05.2008 I currently work here
    Description: Operation of plant and trouble shooting for faults Organised Pre planned preventive maintenance in air compressors,expansion engines and cryogenic pumps. I operate acetylene plant also together with it maintenance . dosing of acetylene cylinders .

His\Her Wishes

Industry sector : Agriculture-Agronomy, Manufacturing, Construction, Sales and distribution, Education, Training, Culture
Specific activity : Social Economy, Sustainable Development , NGO
Location: Kumasi, Ghana
Market type : B2B , B2C International, Africa
Progress of project:
1 Definition of Concept
2 Prototype
3 Test
4 First customers
5 First revenues
6 Development
7 International Development
8 Cession / Buyout
Need of income: Before 2 years
Interested in break-through innovation : Yes
Degree of implication : 30-60% Available
Funding capacity : Between 20 and 50 K
Return on investment planned : Before 2 years
Wish to be involved for a period of : Less than 5 years
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