Logan Dhaver
Queensburgh, South Africa
Supply Chain
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His\Her Talents

Years of experience: Above 20 years
Abilities: Flexibility
{{ 'EN'|langNameByCode}} - Full professional proficiency
I have a BA degree , majors being Industrial Psychology and communication .



  • Date attended: from: 1985 to: 1985
    Description: Industrial Psychology 1 , 2 & 3 Communication 1, 2 & 3), English 1, Communication Law, History 1 & 2 Business Management 1 & 2 (part 1)
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree


    Location: Durban, South Africa
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 09.2016 to: 06.2016
    Description: Responsibilities: Overall Management of 45 staff, 18 Refrigerated rigid trucks. Driver safety, optimization of the fleet i.e. fuel efficiency, best driving methods and tyre wear. Vehicle Maintenance, Tyres and COFS. Resolve all issues with clients such as delays, short dated stock, Short delivered stock, expired stock and reverse logistics. Monitor staff behavior in terms of customer service, leave and overtime. Keep the hire of casuals within budget. Monitor delivery times, and transport costs. Identify savings by removing waste or unnecessary steps in the logistics process. Design best route allocations keeping customer service as a priority. Ensure breakdowns are attended timeously. Ensure all fridge and mechanical failures are attending to soonest to avoid delays . Collate data for manpower stats. , driver performance and vehicle efficiency. Attend to conflict resolutions, labour issues and disciplinary procedures e.g. Drinking and driving, theft, speeding and absenteeism. Have preventive methods such as locks and cameras in place. Reporting of accidents and insurance claims . Monthly diesel reports : Keep track of diesel consumption and diesel theft. Work closely with the sales department when there are promotions or special handling of a certain food item. Liaise closely with receiving staff and store managers to optimize planning and delivery schedules. Create brand awareness by ensuring decals on trucks, cleanliness of trucks, uniforms in order and drivers propitiate behavior. Foster relationships with store managers to create a harmonious relationship. Order of diesel , spares and services of trucks . Manage diesel tanks and pumps. Manage controllers that all date captured in SAP and forwarded to warehouse . Enusure that trucks are not overloaded . Attend to night shift and week end issues . Prepare budget reports for financial year.
  • Name company: STEINWEG
    Location: Durban, South Africa
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 12.2017 to: 06.2018
    Description: Duties : Co-ordinate all Import and Export shipments . This includes both containers and break bulk cargo. Plan and move empties for packing at various Bridge Warehouses. Once containers are packed, move containers to vessel stacks .Reconcile that all containers against booking are stacked for said vessel. Arrange armed escorts for high risk cargo. Communicate to transporters to move empty containers after Import unpacking to avoid demurrage charges . Keep all additional charges to a “zero “. Seek and secure best rates and services .

His\Her Wishes

Industry sector : Consumer goods
Specific activity : Sustainable Development
Market type : B2B Africa
Progress of project:
1 Definition of Concept
2 Prototype
3 Test
4 First customers
5 First revenues
6 Development
7 International Development
8 Cession / Buyout
Need of income: Before 2 years
Interested in break-through innovation : Yes
Degree of implication : 0-30% Available
Funding capacity : Between 20 and 50 K
Return on investment planned : Before 2 years
Wish to be involved for a period of : Less than 5 years
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