Paul Blondel
Paris, France
IT, Research and Development
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His\Her Talents

Years of experience: 5-10 years
Abilities: Reserved, At ease with ideas, Imaginative, Like changes, Analysis and critical spirit, Intuitive, Empathy, Like to make compliments, Curiosity
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My latest accomplishement is both research and product oriented. During my last startup job I had to design and develop cutting-edge AI solutions direclty to be directly embedded in web products.



  • Date attended: from: 2012 to: 2015
    School: Univeristé Technologique de Compiègne et Université Picardie Jules Vernes
    Description: Development of real-time algorithms to detect people in distress from UAVs.
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
    Field of study: Applied Machine Learning (with Computer Vision)


  • Name company: Recast.AI
    Title: Data Scientist @ Recast.AI
    Location: Paris, France
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 11.2016 I currently work here
    Description: Member of the Recast.AI Data Science and research team. My work consists in improving the Natural Language Processing stack (NLP) using more and more efficient Machine Learning algorithms. It also consists in working on innovative AI approaches for a better chatbot experience both on the user and the entreprise sides. Developed skills: • Natural Language Processing • Deep Learning • Backend integration of ML algorithms Recast.AI is a world leader in the chatbot industry, they provide one of the best technology in the world to develop nowadays chatbots.

His\Her Wishes

Industry sector : Construction, IT, Telecom, Technology and Electronics, Tourism and entertainment
Specific activity : Sustainable Development
Location: Paris, France
Market type : B2B , B2C Europe, Asia
Progress of project:
1 Definition of Concept
2 Prototype
3 Test
4 First customers
5 First revenues
6 Development
7 International Development
8 Cession / Buyout
Need of income: Not specified
Interested in break-through innovation : Yes
Degree of implication : 60-100% Available
Funding capacity : Under 20 K
Return on investment planned : Not specified
Wish to be involved for a period of : More than 5 years
Specific wish: Interested in working on innovative projects with talented and motivated people.
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