Penny Lee
San Francisco, CA, USA
Manager, Communication, Community Manager, Project Management, Research and Development, Training, Cultural Activities
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His\Her Talents

Years of experience: 5-10 years
Abilities: Imaginative, Analysis and critical spirit, Empathy, Curiosity, Open minded, Flexibility
{{ 'Chinese'|langNameByCode}} - Native or bilingual proficiency
{{ 'English'|langNameByCode}} - Professional working proficiency
{{ 'Taiwanese'|langNameByCode}} - Native or bilingual proficiency
{{ 'Japanese'|langNameByCode}} - Limited working proficiency
{{ 'Korean'|langNameByCode}} - Elementary proficiency



  • Date attended: from: 2007 to: 2007
    School: World Business Strategist Association
    Degree: Associate's Degree
    Field of study: Business Strategist Planning
  • Date attended: from: 2013 to: 2013
    School: Education First
    Degree: Other
    Field of study: Business
  • Date attended: from: 2014 to: 2015
    School: Hult International Business School
    Degree: Master's Degree
    Field of study: Social Entrepreneurship


  • Name company: Taiwan Times News Paper
    Title: Freelance Writer
    Location: Taipei, Taiwan
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 01.2007 to: 01.2008
  • Name company: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
    Title: Project Manager
    Location: Taiwan
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 11.2007 to: 05.2011
    Description: One of Taiwan’s 10 most competitive universities, focused on humanistic design and technology innovation. Project Planning Specialist/Community Consultant. Responsible for planning and implementing Yunlin agency cultural events, including documentary film competitions, artisan exhibits and other platforms to showcase community ventures. • Wrote proposals for community development, submitted to government agency for $20,000 grant • Consulted with local social ventures to develop and build business skills and resources. • Collaborated with hospitality partners to promote Yunlin as eco and cultural tourism destination • Created and edited annual Yunlin Community Publication 2009~2011. • Wrote and published press releases and annual Yunlin Community Publication to promote government support of community development.
  • Name company: Foundation of Taiwanese Culture
    Title: Director
    Location: Taichung City, Taiwan
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 08.2011 to: 11.2012
    Description: Foundation of Taiwanese Culture: Dedicated to promoting Taiwanese traditional culture and education. Founded in 2011. Director and Head of Creative Cultural Events. Developed strategy and planning of organization goals, approved by the Board of Directors. Managed teams of up to 20 staff to carry out events. • Established and organized all legal procedures, and developed administrative operating procedures. • Designed Foundation’s official website - • Planned and implemented over 20 cultural events by managing diverse stakeholders, integrating resources, and developing project budgets. • Wrote grants and was awarded $10,000 to fund project.

His\Her Wishes

Industry sector : Education, Training, Public Service , Professional Services, Culture
Specific activity : Social Economy, Sustainable Development
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Market type : B2B Asia
Progress of project:
1 Definition of Concept
2 Prototype
3 Test
4 First customers
5 First revenues
6 Development
7 International Development
8 Cession / Buyout
Need of income: Not specified
Interested in break-through innovation : Yes
Degree of implication : 30-60% Available
Funding capacity : Under 20 K
Return on investment planned : Not specified
Wish to be involved for a period of : Less than 5 years
Specific wish: willing to make efforts for long time in Aisa
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