Louison Mbombo
Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
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Années d'experience: 0-5 ans
Aptitudes: A l'aise avec les idées, Actif et dynamique, Organisé, Approche global, Aime le changement, Enthousiaste, Esprit d'analyse et critique, Orienté objectif, Recherche d'information, Aime décider et conclure
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As an organizational development specialist, I’ve been afforded numerous opportunities to work alongside various individual, cultural, political, and denominational points of view in a multiplicity of roles and responsibilities. To that end, some of my overall accomplishments include: an accomplished grant writer with an overall 40% success rate, secured over $50M for churches, received over $3M in corporate sponsorships/fundraising, as well as over $2M in individual solicitations. I’ve developed effective communication, organizational, staff, and volunteer recruitment strategies and regulations. Furthermore, having 5+ years of overall management experience, with 3+ years within the social sector, I’ve trained and managed 2-450+ volunteers and staff, increasing organizations’ overall efficiency and effectiveness. A curriculum developer, trainer, speaker, and facilitator of audiences of 10-2,500+, I have also increased participation and productivity by 25-50%. I’ve served as a liaison and spokesperson and performed ongoing organizational analysis and assessments for several organizations. I have The ability to multitask in a fast- pasted environment while providing exceptional management and analytical skills. Create and manage a full service employment. Able to Work well in a team environment, as a lead, earned the capacity to work under pressure. Created and managed a full service employment

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  • Années: Du: 2017
    Ecole: Stiftung Entrepreneurship
    Description: Stiftung Entrepreneurship was set up in Berlin, Germany in 2001 with capital and facilities provided by Dr. Günter Faltin (80%) and Dr. Dietrich Winterhager (20%), professors at the Free University of Berlin. Its aim is to foster a positive environment for the culture of entrepreneurship worldwide. Entrepreneurship is a perspective on human activity that seeks to bring creativity and courage, imagination and initiative, to the tasks of starting and running business ventures and social organizations. Entrepreneurship offers an opportunity for unconventional ideas and views. It aims at achieving success through transcending established structures, and it attracts artists, mavericks and all those who formerly were marginal to the business world. The economic and cultural development of a society depends on business initiatives that apply economic, social and artistic creativity to existing problems. Entrepreneurship develops opportunities through a creative process. www.entrepreneurship.de
    Diplôme: Baccalauréat
    Discipline: ENTREPRENARIAT
  • Années: Du: 2015
    Description: .I was selected in the commemoration of 90 years of the Federal University of Minas Gerais as people who marked with their experiences lived in the University and that also left their mark by changing the world to better place .
    Diplôme: Licence
    Discipline: MEDECINE


  • Nom de l'entreprise: CLUB OF YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS
    Titre: PRESIDENT
    Lieu: Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 10.2016 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: mobilize youth to contribute also to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Nom de l'entreprise: HULT PRIZE
    Lieu: Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 06.2017 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: As Campus Director, I m a responsible for organizing and implementing a quarterfinal round of the Hult Prize competition on my campus. This includes working with the academic institution, the students, and members of your community to spread awareness of the United Nation’s Challenge, and promoting social entrepreneurship as a sustainable means to solve it.
  • Nom de l'entreprise: SOLIDARIEDADE NA MOKILI
    Lieu: Gungu, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 11.2016 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: m Student in Medicine at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG ) and President of administrative council of a non profit organization SOLIDARIEDADE NA MOKILI.I have a capacity of leadership that involves a fast faced atmosphere to the development of SOLIDARIEDADE NA MOKILI ‘s relationship with its environment, and in particular: decision-makers in economic and social development; The banking sector; The academic world and the network of external partners. I examine the programs of activities presented to the Executive Secretariat in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the General Assembly.I have the recognition in Gungu with my organization to be the first with humanitarian action never seen before by the Administrator of territory Tresor Kitambala.
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