Stevens Sion
Paris, France
Achats, Manager, Commercial et Developpement, eCommerce, Communication, Community Manager, Gestion des risques, Finance d entreprise, Gestion de Projet, Logistique, Marketing, Recherche et Developpement, Design de produits et de services
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Années d'experience: 15-20 ans
Aptitudes: Très sociable, A l'aise avec les idées, A l'aise avec les gens, Actif et dynamique, Méthodique, Imaginatif, Approche global, Aime le changement, Enthousiaste, Esprit d'analyse et critique, Intuitif, Aime faire des compliments, Curiosité, Flexibilité, Recherche d'information, Aime décider et conclure, Aime planifier, Aime fixer des échéances
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  • Années: Du: 2012 au: 2012
    Ecole: Stanford
    Diplôme: Autre
    Discipline: Innovation - Developement de Startup
  • Années: Du: 2012 au: 2013
    Ecole: Harvard
    Diplôme: Autre
    Discipline: Finance
  • Années: Du: 2012 au: 2013
    Ecole: Harvard
    Diplôme: Autre
    Discipline: Finance


  • Nom de l'entreprise: NETHEL GROUP
    Titre: CEO - Marketing / International - Angel Investor
    Lieu: Paris, France
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 06.2011 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: 1) is a collaborative platform of maintenance and flowering of graves between individuals : - Over 2500 certified representatives in France, Portugal and Belgium (more country coming soon) - Implementation of all digital marketing campaigns for the optimization of customer acquisition - Technical and logistics implementation in the world 2) International development of French cosmetic brands exclusive and innovative: - to 1300 cosmetics distributors in World, since 1995 - over 100 million pieces sold own warehouse system - Beauty box sale by subscription - White label manufacturing of French cosmetic makeup and creams -> 3) "Electrical generator operates with air, water or skin" (produce 5 times more energy than lithium ion batteries), Search 5 million fundraising. On two patents French of which we take care of international business development exclusive: - I collaborate with MIT BOSTON & TECHNION - physics laboratories - I collaborate with research laboratories of the French and American army 4) I get 200 startup investment record a year from worldwide, I selection within 10 startup, in which I invested time and / or money to early stage. I am sorry not to be able to reply to all emails. My support is very focus on the business model and prioritization of tasks teams for rapid and effective internationalization.
  • Nom de l'entreprise: GMI GROUP
    Titre: Founder - Studies & Projects - Strategy & Development
    Lieu: Paris, France
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 02.2002 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: Financial, technical and business development for more than 50 websites as Suppliers, Investors, Advisor, Mentor, Owner, Founder or Co-founder : Projects: - Online supermarket - Office printing solution - Medical arrangement of opportunity - Jewelry shop - Clothing sales - Franchise computer resellers - Sales of cleaning products - Machinery logistics expertise - Real estate agency (sales and seasonal rental) - And many more ... Skills: - Management of graphic designers and developer - Management marketplace - Marketing campaign management and acquisition - Managing SEO campaigns
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