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IdeasVoice Mission

The birth of new companies is a challenge for the future of a nation. It can be difficult for individuals who embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship to overcome barriers. The difficulty lies not in the ability to have good ideas, but in the capacity to perform and achieve them with the right management team from the start.

According to a recent study, a little over 50% of startups fail in the first four years. Most of these startups need a stable flow of revenue, investors who believe in themselves and a good idea. But most importantly, they require the right team which to support one another through the development period.

Helping small businesses to achieve sustainability and growth is vital for both the development of industries and corporations.
Small businesses are critical for job creation, improving living standards, raising productivity and achieving inclusive economic growth and social cohesion. Many of the new jobs will come out of small, medium and micro-enterprises.

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurial initiatives, boosting the development of business with the right founding team, business partners and investors and with skills and know-how development.
Our aim is to provide startups with essential tools and resources that can be used for their development, survival and success of business.

Essential tools and resources can be divided into financial and non-financial support. Non-financial support can be provided in the form of mentorship, market access, network access and the learning of new skills.

Over the years IDEASVOICE has received several accolades starting with the Innovation Grants it received from the French Government upon their launch and then going on to receive the title of the “Young Innovation Company.”
Currently, IDEASVOICE has more than 14,000 registered members. 

Not only has Ideasvoice earned the title of global company, but now also has distinguished sponsors such as Ronney and Nimmo Law firm, Laconia Capital Group, TechHub and WeWork, to support their CUP OF IDEASVOICE events in New York City.

IdeasVoice Solutions for Entrepreneurs

IDEASVOICE PLATFORM - www.ideasvoice.com

Launched in 2012, Ideasvoice.com is a collaborative platform for entrepreneurs to find their co-founders with complementary skills and business partners, build their dream team for developing their startups, and set up alliances with other companies. The IDEASVOICE platform matches your dream project to your dream team, making the launch easier and facilitating quick development of a business with the right team. We connect aspiring entrepreneurs and business partners/ startups around the world via the website and the app. Our community includes over 14,000 entrepreneurs’ profiles with more than 4,000 ideas posted..

We are convinced that the development of open innovation platforms, especially in new technologies, have brought a lot in terms of co-working and emerging ideas. IDEASVOICE capitalizes on this concept to help the emergence of ambitious business projects with their dream team. We are working hard to satisfy our community and keeping improving constantly the platform. 

Please, contact us for any problems you encounter by using our platform or any useful improvements you like to you like to may wish to provide..

cups of ideasvoice


While IDEASVOICE recognizes the need of the dream team that an entrepreneur requires, it goes beyond their online platform to provide the startups support in the form of its event CUP OF IDEASVOICE. It is an exclusive moment to meet, pitch, discuss and co-create. Companies registered in the IdeasVoice platform are welcome to pitch their ideas.

The audience interacts with the entrepreneur to find solutions either equity purchase, service provider etc, to create a future growth plan for the SME. Each event has fostered solid business relations and provided the chance for founders and investors to meet face to face and bounce ideas off of one another. Each CUPOFIDEASVOICE event awards the best pitch a prize from one or more of our sponsors including an advisory session with them to develop their project.

Mr. Bob Knorpp from Beancast Marketing Podcast termed IDEASVOICE as a “necessity for the startups in New York City”, while Geri Kirilova from the Laconia Capital Group who was a facilitator for the CUPOFIDEASVOICE event said, “It’s great to sort of be in a collaborative environment where it wasn’t just the facilitators or the leaders of the event asking questions, but also the attendees and the community members.”


startupS corner


This collaborative place aims to support entrepreneurs in order to overcome difficulties by sharing experiences and tips to educate them. We invite outstanding entrepreneurs from all over the world to speak up and share tips from their own experience in terms of building founding teams, finding resources, IP, compliance and more.

We also want to highlight the values that drive entrepreneurs to take risks and meet challenges as well as to share the enthusiasm and energy of those who choose to embark on such a journey. This is also a gateway to experiences and testimonies of exceptional individuals.

Share your tips, inspire other entrepreneurs

FUNDRAISING - www.ideasfundx.com

As a company, are you facing difficulties in securing the second round of funding or in raising +$1M to scale up?  

As an investor, are you tired of wasting time finding the right deals to invest in, or are you afraid of missing the right investment opportunity for your fund among your voluminous inbound deals flow? 

Designed to cater to both companies in securing the second round of funding or +$1M fundraising round, and investors in finding the right deals and opportunities to fund, IdeasFundX uses a unique AI-driven tool to create the perfect, tailored match.

Learn more



IdeasVoice provides interactive, knowledge and solution-based workshops where, we use our entrepreneurship knowledge to assist business owners in solutions for their business problems. 

Workshops provide a platform for these SMEs to discuss and allow us to provide a personal approach and build rapport with these entrepreneurs. These Workshops have given SMEs the opportunity to join forces with IdeasVoice for their businesses.



Our Mentorship programs are available to all entrepreneurs, SME’s and startups. We have professionals and affluent entrepreneurs that offer mentoring.

With a service fee to IdeasVoice, we conduct these programs in collaborations with Corporates and Individuals to guide entrepreneurs find solutions in lacking areas.



IDEASVOICE is organizing contests in South Africa, USA and France. Entrepreneurs post their project online at www.ideasvoice.com

The best 10 projects are then selected. The public has the opportunity to vote and then the winner is chosen.

Prizes sponsored by companies will assist the winner move forward with a future growth plan.



Our Conventions serve to promote entrepreneurship together with motivating, finding solutions and exposing those startups/businesses that are having an impact in the country.

The Convention serves to attract dynamic and successful entrepreneurs, hosting a renowned international entrepreneur giving us insight as to the grit required for entrepreneur success in this time and age.

A panel discusses solutions to the current business problems and the way forward in the country.

Please contact us for any further information about our solutions for entrepreneurs.

IdeasVoice around the world

IdeasVoice is growing. Opening in Europe then in the USA, we are now in South Africa.

Learn more about our Chapter in South Africa

The cofounders of Ideasvoice

For all,
creation should become an ambition,
invention a requirement,
a new necessity! 

Lignes d’horizon (1992), Jacques Attali

Patricia Egard

Patricia Egard, CEO

Graduate from Dauphine, HEC, and Chartered Accountant, Patricia Egard has a solid experience in Audit and Consulting in fields of Finance and Insurance.
She pledged to support innovative projects with the cluster “Finance Innovation”.
3 strategic levers are essential for successful business project: the idea, the team and funding.
Wanting to promote entrepreneurship by creating an enabling environment for rapid start and internationalization of startups and businesses, Patricia founded IDEASVOICE to connect entrepreneurs with their future business partners and/or co-founders with complementary skills across the world.
Jan-Willem Verhees

Jan-Willem Verhees, CTO

Jan-Willem is an Engineer from University Eindhoven, NL with a with a Specialization in Embedded Systems. He started as
project manager in Russia and Ukraine as the pivot between the Dutch customers and the Russian/Ukrainian development team. Then, he launched his own company, Orange Sputnik, to provide IT offshore services.
He is a co-founder of IDEASVOICE. His mission is to set-up the IT strategy, implement it and manage our international IT team. He is enjoying the startup world and working in a cross-cultural environment. He believes the busier you are with a startup, the clearer it is that a good partner/cofounder is important.
Marc Bloch

Marc Bloch, R&D

Marc Bloch is an Engineer from Mines Saint Etienne, France and has a PhD in computer science. After 10 years in R&D, Marc was appointed as VP, Development and IT, for a large technical consultancy company, working for aerospace and military markets. In 2000, he decided it was worth participating in launching and developing startups, and has now more than 15 years of extensive experience, as CTO / CIO in succesful IT companies.

Today, he has his own consulting firm, working on innovative projects to help them grow. Marc Bloch works on the technical choices and the research work of IDEASVOICE