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How to connect founders with the right business partner / co-founder across the world?

The birth of new companies is a challenge for the future of a nation. Because it is difficult to overcome the barriers for individuals that embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. The difficulty lies not in the ability to have good ideas but in the capacity to perform and achieve with the right management team at the start.

IDEASVOICE is both a marketplace and a social network for entrepreneurs on a global scale. IDEASVOICE connects :

  • Founders who want to find cofounder, business partner with complementary skills,
  • Talented persons who want to join a start-up and an attractive project.

IDEASVOICE has started in France the 2nd semester 2011 and launches his global release in summer 2015.
IDEASVOICE is now going global. We’re expanding rapidly to other countries in Europe, as well as the USA.

Please, contact us for any problems or any useful improvements.

We are convinced that the development of open innovation platforms, especially in new technologies, have brought a lot in terms of co-working and emerging ideas. The collaborative platform IDEASVOICE capitalizes on this concept to help the emergence of ambitious business projects thanks to their dream team.


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In addition to the marketplace IDEASVOICE, our entrepreneurs and future partners meet up every month at a “CUPOFIDEASVOICE“. They discover projects with high potential where everyone brings his/her experiences. It is also a precious instant to step back and give new goals for his/her project. For now, CUPOFIDEASVOICE is held in Paris. All interested people who want to organize this event in other cities are welcome and can contact us.

We are now looking for passionate local organizers around the world to join the CUP OF IDEASVOICE Team.

In our blog, we also want to highlight the values ​​that drive entrepreneurs to take risk and challenges inspired as well as to share the enthusiasm and energy of those who choose to undertake. This is also a gateway to news, experiences and testimonies of exceptional people.

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