How to connect entrepreneurs with the right future partner / cofounder across the world?


The birth of new companies is a challenge for the future of a nation. Because it is difficult to overcome the barriers for individuals that embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship. The difficulty lies not in the ability to have good ideas but in the capacity to perform and achieve with the right management team at the start.


According to a recent study, a bit more than 50% of startups fail in the first four years itself. Most of these startups need a stable flow of revenue, investors who believe in themselves and a good idea. But most importantly , they require the right team which will support each other through the development period.


Founded in 2012 in France, IDEASVOICE matches your dream project to your dream team. Its mission is to empower entrepreneurial initiatives and open up new doors to solve problems and give a voice to people from different backgrounds. IDEASVOICE makes the launch easier and facilitates quick development of a business with the right team.


IDEASVOICE’s online platform and mobile app can help you to connect with the right cofounders, exciting projects and local and global startups that can help you build your founding team. IDEASVOICE connects :

  • Entrepreneurs who want to find their  cofounders, business partners with complementary skills,
  • Talented persons who are looking of attractive projects to join.

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While IDEASVOICE recognizes the need of the dream team that an entrepreneur requires, it goes beyond their online platform to provide the startups support in the form of its event CUP OF IDEASVOICE. At each CUPOFIDEASVOICE event, entrepreneurs get a chance to network amongst one another, practice their pitch delivering skills, and vote to choose which pitch was the best.

Each event has fostered solid business relations and provided the chance for founders and investors to meet face to face and bounce ideas off of one another.


Our current goal is to award the best pitch a prize from one or more of our sponsors including an advisory session with them to develop their project.


IDEASVOICE has been co-founded by three extremely talented and experienced people, who have the required background to take IDEASVOICE to the next level, Patricia Egard the CEO, Jan-Willem the CTO and Marc the Research and Development expert.


Over the years IDEASVOICE has received several accolades starting from the Innovation Grants it received from the French Government, upon their launch and then going on to receive the title of the “Young Innovation Company”. Currently, IDEASVOICE has +8000 registered members and over 50% are from across different parts of the world. Not only have they earned the title of being a global company but now also have distinguished sponsors such as Ronney and Nimmo Law firm, Laconia Capital Group, TechHub and WeWork, to support their CUP OF IDEASVOICE events in New York City.

Mr. Bob Knorpp from Beancast Marketing Podcast termed IDEASVOICE as a “necessity for the startups in New York City”, while Geri Kirilova from the Laconia Capital Group who was a facilitator for the CUPOFIDEASVOICE event said, “It’s great to sort of be in a collaborative environment where it wasn’t just the facilitators or the leaders of the event asking questions, but also the attendees and the community members.”


IDEASVOICE has also recently launched its new chapter in South Africa.  It is currently spearheaded by 6 influential entrepreneurs and I. the feedback regarding the work we are doing has been very positive. We have recently partnered with the Chamber of Commerce and different Government organisations. We have had outstanding media coverage informing the public the difference we are making to unemployment and the South African economy.


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We are convinced that the development of open innovation platforms, especially in new technologies, have brought a lot in terms of co-working and emerging ideas. IDEASVOICE capitalizes on this concept to help the emergence of ambitious business projects thanks to their dream team.



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