Help for founder, entrepreneur

Who are entrepreneurs who register on IdeasVoice?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who get a business idea
  • Project owner who work on the deployment of the business idea
  • Founders, CEOs having launched a start-up, a company, wanting to accelerate their growth by strengthening the founding team
  • Looking for a co-founder bringing complementary know-how to the current team
  • Looking for talented person ready to invest time and energy, to take risks with the other co-founders to lead the company to success
  • Founders, CEOs of small businesses searching synergy with other companies to set up alliances and partnerships

Entrepreneur, how to find your co-founder, business partner?


How IdeasVoice works for entrepreneurs


Highlight and showcase your project

How register as an entrepreneur and showcase your project, your start-up

Introduce your experience and your project for inciting people to contact you

Define your needs of cofounder to build your founding team

Have your project in the showcase to increase your visibility and contact potential co-founders and business partners


Increase your visibility and test how attractive is your project

How entrepreneur tests business idea, project

Receive comments and start discussion with other entrepreneurs and improve your project

Collect votes to check your project attractiveness

Attract fans and early adopters for your project to gauge reactions from the public

Raise public awareness about your project to expand your network


Connect to potential co-founders and grow your entrepreneurs network

How build your network, succeed in your search

Do your own search to meet potential cofounders and business partners relevant for your project

Contact potential co-founders and business partners, follow status of your requests of connection and answer to invitations you have received to multiply collaboration opportunities

Use your private mailbox to set up trusted relationships with your contacts

Follow-up your network activity, interact regularly and be responsive with your contacts to build a strong entrepreneurial network

Premium services help you to find the right match faster!

Save time and enhance your visibility with Premium services

Find more easily the right match for your start-up

Meet new people who might have a common interest to collaborate

Increase your chance to establish relevant contacts

  • Receive targeted recommendations,
  • Know your audience, who are your fans, visitors and voters,
  • Find more easily potential co-founders who are a good fit to you with the advanced search,

Gain momentum faster

Better promote your business

Have a bigger impact on the platform and receive more attention.

  • Be at the top of the list in the search and newsletters
  • Publish an article in our blog
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Entrepreneur, take a quick tour of IdeasVoice

Entrepreneur, you have registered and you want to see how to use more in detail, look at our tutorial.