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Walter Demilly
Key West, FL 33040, USA
Communication, Research and Development, Social and healthcare
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Years of experience: Above 20 years
Abilities: At ease with ideas, Imaginative, Analysis and critical spirit, Empathy, Curiosity
{{ 'EN'|langNameByCode}} - Full professional proficiency
Authored two books in psychology and literature, Syndicated $500 million in real estate, Panelist at Key West Literary Seminar, Advocate for victims of domestic violence, Headed a group to Advocate for LGBT acceptance with the Boy Scouts, Sat on national board of a nonprofit for male survivors of sexual abuse. Worked with a US UNESCO committee on the Convention For The Rights of the Child. Awarded one patent for mechanism to notify parents of children left in cars, and worked on another patent for an automated storage system.

His\Her Projects


  • Date attended: from: 1972 to: 1977
    School: Emory University
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Field of study: Psychology


  • Name company: Self
    Title: None
    Location: Key West, FL 33040, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 05.1990 I currently work here
    Description: Simultaneous tracks in multiple fields: real estate analysis and syndication for the hospitality industry, victim advocate at a domestic abuse shelter, writing two books, developing patented technology (low-tech!), building a boat!
People who are depressed, or feel alienated, that no one understands them, that they are alone... represent a large portion of the US population. Studies show that talking with others having similar feelings and experiences is an effective way to improve their lives.

There are plenty of internet forums designed to help these people, but forums don't do what Another Me™ does. When users join Another Me™, they answer some profile questions and then the app does its work.

Without going into every feature, one example of the way Another Me™ helps is to anonymously match its users to others with very similar feelings and beliefs. After the profile questions are answered members will see a list of similar users. The list will say "You are 95% matched to user123 !" And importantly it will also show the specific areas where the user's done match. This feature gives them the power to avoid others who may say or believe something upsetting.

The app has many other features.

Status? At this point the project is in the idea/mapping out phase. Its a one-person very lean startup. I want to get help designing a few layouts and then do some testing (a/b layouts, keywords, etc).

Please note that the website simply has a wordpress gem theme at the moment

I'm in Florida so a group of Floridian founders would be great!

Project progress: 1- Definition of Conceptproject-logo-part
  • Developer

    Partner's function: Business Developer
    Skills: Sales and Development, Communication, Corporate Finance, Business Intelligence, Public Relation
    Years of experience: 5-10 years
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