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Eduardo Punto jr.
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
IT, Research and Development, Design Thinking, Electronic, Engineering
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Years of experience: 0-5 years
Abilities: At ease with ideas, Active and dynamic, Organised, Methodic, Sense of détail, Like changes, Enthousiastic, Intuitive, Empathy, Curiosity, Flexibility
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BS Electronics Engineering at Technological Institute of the Philippines

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  • Date attended: from: 2015
    School: Technological Institute of the Philippines
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Field of study: Electronics Engineering


  • Name company: EDISON Platform
    Title: Founder and CEO
    Location: Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 12.2017 I currently work here
Schools now spend 900M on education technology every year, and it is estimated the global market will be worth 130B by 2020. Every additional year of quality education can increase a person’s income by an average of 10%.

EDISON Platform is an educational technology startup company that provides online learning management system and educational assessment products like photo-based attendance and a leader in the creation of Cross-Platform, artificially intelligent, educational software. It uses advance digital learning tools and Internet of Things for academic institutions, instructors, students and even parents making each classroom a safe, effective and efficient learning venue. It is founded on groundbreaking research in mathematical cognitive science known as Knowledge Space Theory. Through adaptive questioning, EDISON Platform accurately assesses a student's knowledge state and then delivers targeted instruction on the exact topics the student is most ready to learn.

EDISON Platform has a vision for transforming education by providing the most advanced technology and the highest quality content available in the context of compelling educational experiences. In our startup company, our mission is to assist educators and learners in dramatically improving learning outcomes through the delivery of artificially intelligent learning and assessment that continually adapts to the unique needs of each student.

Project progress: 2- Prototypeproject-logo-part
  • CoFounder (IT Developer)

    Partner's function: IT developer
    Skills: IT
    Years of experience: 0-5 years
  • Business CoFounder

    Partner's function: Marketing Expert
    Skills: Marketing
    Years of experience: 0-5 years
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