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Jason Woolf
New York, NY, USA
Manager, Communication, Community Manager, Art, Project Management, Marketing, Cultural Activities
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Years of experience: 5-10 years
Abilities: Very social, Active and dynamic, Enthousiastic, Analysis and critical spirit, Intuitive, Empathy, Spontaneity, Curiosity, Open minded, Like to plan
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• Built Umbiyozo () for the past 6 years • Umbiyozo has reached a status where it survives w/o my on the ground involvement and I am stepping into a international patron role • See my detailed LinkedIn profile for my list of achievements


  • Date attended: from: 2012 to: 2016
    School: New York University
    Description: Degree dedicated to furthering Umbiyozo Foundation
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Field of study: Social Entrepreneurship & Cultural Revitalisation


  • Name company:
    Title: Sales and Marketing Manager
    Location: New York, NY, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 02.2016 I currently work here
    Description: Looking to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) solution or enhance an existing one? Look no further than Our robust cloud will meet virtually any IoT need—seemlessly. Please reach out to me on to discuss any and all opportunities.
  • Name company: Umbiyozo
    Title: Chairperson
    Location: Cape Town, South Africa
    Experience abroad: Yes
    Time period: from: 05.2017 I currently work here
    Description: International patron & fundraiser, strategic advisor to support Umbiyozo's work on the ground in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa
Umbiyozo Foundation is great work in Cape Town, South Africa, but it still hasn't received funding to support any salaries or continuous programmes. Let's change that together! I'm open toward merely revenue generating strategies (esp. in tourism and entertainment) in the short to medium term, but the end game is to fulfill Umbiyozo's social mission of youth development.

Project progress: 6- Developmentproject-logo-part
  • Seed Capital Fundraising

    Partner's function: Business Developer
    Skills: Sales and Development, Communication, Corporate Finance, Marketing, Research and Development
    Years of experience: 0-5 years
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