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San Francisco, CA, USA
Art, Operation & Manufacturing, Cultural Activities
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Years of experience: Above 20 years
Abilities: Enthousiastic, Empathy, Open minded
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creation et developpement d'une galerie d'art


  • Date attended: from: 1986 to: 1990
    School: Paris-Dauphine
    Degree: Master's Degree
  • Date attended: from: 2008 to: 2008
    School: University of Oxford - Said Business School
    Degree: High School
    Field of study: Strategic Leadership Program


  • Name company: Credit du Nord
    Title: Trainee
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 06.1989 to: 05.1990
    Description: Design a quality service measurement system
  • Name company: Pole Finance Innovation
    Title: Advisory and coordination of collaborative projects
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 01.2010 to: 01.2012
    Description: Participation to the white paper on key strategic innovations in insurance in 2010 Launching a project for securing the transportation of containers and the supply chain
  • Name company: IdeasVoice
    Title: Connect entrepreneurs with their right partners/cofounders on a global scale
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 02.2011 I currently work here
    Description: How to find a confounder, a business partner across the world? I did a research during 3 years on the entrepreneurship environment, in order to understand why things are going so slow with few successful young entrepreneurs and how do entrepreneurs build their own executive team. In order to use the internet leverage, I launched in 2011 the social network for entrepreneurs which helps entrepreneurs to find their future partner, and reciprocally talented people looking for a project to get involved. IdeasVoice is now going global and builds bridges across countries. We start expanding our services in Europe as well as in the USA.

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Création d'une communauté d'amateurs d'art. Après avoir dirigé une galerie d'art pendant plus 10 ans et échangé avec de nombreux collègues, l'objectif est de pouvoir créer une communauté d'amateurs d'art à destination des galeries d'Art

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