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Med Atlas
Chicago, IL, USA
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Years of experience: Above 20 years
Abilities: Like changes, Empathy, Open minded
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Developed eCommerce and Payments solutions for Caterpillar. Participated in designing and building new cybersecurity software for Trustwave. Managed small teams in electronics and IT. Started my startup Kotiz for personal finance management.

His\Her Projects


  • Date attended: from: 2010 to: 2012
    School: Illinois Institute of Technology
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Field of study: Information Technology and Management


  • Name company: Trustwave
    Title: Software Engineer
    Location: Chicago, IL, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 01.2014 I currently work here
Kotiz is your personal finance assistant. Our goal is to connect individuals with financial advisors to help them improve their spending habits, save money, live better and protect their loved ones. Our solutions also include: bills monitoring, payments, online deals and alternative financing.
While companies have access to all kind of management softwares, individuals have a little solutions or none to improve their financial situation. Kotiz is here to change that by helping individuals to save money using smart management tools and getting the right advice when they need it! Our principals are: Simplicity, convenience, security and privacy.
Mint and other existing apps help you monitor your expenses and occasionally send you selective offers. In the end users save very little or no money from using those apps. Our solutions to save money are outside of traditional PFM apps. Let’s say you have a mortgage with low interest. That doesn’t mean that you can’t save even more money. Alternative financing like crowdfunding and crypto currency can help individuals save more money by refinancing using rebo or real advisors. Last year I received an offer from a company that help you lower your mortgage tax. I thought that it was a scam but they said that they will charge me half of my 1st year saving only if they lower my taxes. They actually lowered it by more than $1000 a year! Imagine using AI and Blockchain to scan millions of user accounts and help them save money!

Project progress: 2- Prototypeproject-logo-part
  • Finance and Funding Advisor

    Partner's function: CFO
    Skills: Financial management, Funding
    Years of experience: 0-5 years
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