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Hetal Jani
Floral Park, NY 11001, USA
Manager, Project Management, Operation & Manufacturing, Quality Management
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His\Her Talents

Years of experience: 10-15 years
Abilities: At ease with people, Active and dynamic, Pragmatic, Organised, Sense of détail, Attached to principles, Empathy, Like to plan
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Master degree in Psychology from Queens College Master degree in Education from Harvard University MBA from IE Business School Intellectual Contribution Award from Harvard University Started a business when I was 23 and developed it to be sustainable. Started a non-profit and now have 100+ mentees joining our mentoring program in 5 schools across NY, NJ, and PA.

His\Her Projects


  • Date attended: from: 2011 to: 2012
    School: Harvard University
    Degree: Master's Degree
    Field of study: Education
  • Date attended: from: 2010 to: 2014
    School: Queens College of New York City
    Degree: Master's Degree
    Field of study: Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Date attended: from: 2014 to: 2015
    School: IE Business School
    Degree: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
    Field of study: Digital Marketing


  • Name company: Studor
    Title: Founder and President
    Location: New York, NY, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 12.2006 I currently work here
    Description: Building Academic Relationships through development of community involvement in a child's academic career. Our goal is to be the bridge between families and schools with the hope of closing the opportunity gap.
  • Name company: SPEAK MENTORSHIP
    Title: Founder and Executive Director
    Location: New York, NY, USA
    Experience abroad: No
    Time period: from: 04.2015 I currently work here
    Description: The mission of SPEAK is to Support, Prepare, and Empower Aspiring Kids. Our programs provide support and soft and hard skills to girls of immigrant and first- generation American backgrounds as they prepare to transition from high school to college. They learn how to choose appropriate colleges, courses of study, and potential college-to-career pathways. We want to help each girl make the best decision for her for the most direct high school to career pathway. Provide a network of professional women to connect with our young audience in high school and college for a more direct high school to career pathway. - Create and promote projects to build awareness and empower first generation high school girls - Create, empower, and inspire a network of passionate professional women to help guide female youth - Pool the community’s resources to make a greater impact and influence. - Facilitate dialogue between key players in a young girl’s life to help support and increase opportunity
SPEAK Mentorship provides programs to girls of immigrant and first-generation American backgrounds as they better understand the colleges and career pathways they are passionate about. Our programs help girls develop skills specific to different career areas, identify specific job titles, build networks of professionals, and narrow down college and major choices that are appropriate for each girl. Our program structure allows for the girls to feel supported and nurtured while they work towards developing their own voice as Americans. We have received immense support from Harvard and schools administrators in the NY, NJ, Philadelphia, and New Orleans areas. A quote from the Director of Multilingual Family Support Office of Philadelphia School Districts says "all of the [Philadelphia] schools would benefit from this program."

Project progress: 4- First customersproject-logo-part
  • Development

    Partner's function: Community Manager
    Skills: Manager, Communication, Cultural Activities
    Years of experience: 5-10 years
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