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Jean-guillaume (jg) De maneville
Paris, France
Manager, Finance de marché, Finance d entreprise
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Années d'experience: Au-delà de 20 ans
Aptitudes: A l'aise avec les gens, Approche global, Enthousiaste, Curiosité, Structuré
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Created and managed businesses within investment banks. Launched a FinTech in 2000


  • Années: Du: 1984 au: 1987
    Ecole: Sciences Po Paris
    Diplôme: Maitrise / Master
  • Années: Du: 1998 au: 1998
    Ecole: Northwestern University
    Diplôme: Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)


  • Nom de l'entreprise: Natixis
    Titre: Head of Structured Finance Hedging / Fixed Income (NY-Paris)
    Lieu: New York, NY, USA
    Experience à l'étranger: Non
    Pèriode: Du: 03.2007 Ceci est mon poste actuel
    Description: • Coverage of corporates and financial sponsors (Europe/Americas) • Hedging advisory: Market (originated and executed swap coordination mandates), Legal (ISDA), and Credit work (CVA) in a new regulatory environment (Dodd-Frank, Basel-3) • Coordinate with Structured Finance business lines (Project, Real Estate, Shipping, Aircraft, Export, Commodities and Leveraged Finance) in order to sell derivatives solutions. • Strong structuring / advisory work including accounting, legal and tax. • Revenues: circa $15mm per year
Free up your bankers and add more Artificial Intelligence: • Our machine will automatize work done by interns and associates, save a lot of money.
• Our system will identify opportunities in data that could otherwise be missed by humans.
• Staff will be happy to focus on less analytical issues and more interaction with customers. It will help them focus on high-value activities and business ideas to generate more deal flow.
• Our system will be transparent, our engineers and designers will create a tool that communicates freely about how it works. All AI decisions will be easily explained to management and regulators.
• If you move quickly you will stand ahead of competition. In today’s environment, you can’t be a laggard and stay behind the curve. You will increase your standing as an innovative company.

Avancement du projet: 1- Elaboration conceptproject-logo-part
  • Technical partner

    Fonction de l'associé: Expert R et D et Aides
    Compétences: eCommerce, Informatique, Recherche et Developpement
    Années d'experience: 05-10 ans
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